Introducing FamilyForward

FamilyForward leads the community in providing innovative solutions for advancing safer, healthier relationships for children and families.

To better serve the community, Children's Home Society of Missouri (CHS) and Family Resource Center (FRC) officially united to become FamilyForward on April 1, 2017.  Together, the agencies have 169 years of experience helping children and families.  FamilyForward is a movement and the name for the merged entity of two St. Louis' most accomplished leading-edge non-profit organizations.  FamilyFoward is the direction for hope and for new opportunities to build safer, healthier relationships for children and families.

FamilyFoward provides therapy, coaching and education, foster care and adoption, trauma assessment and psychological evaluation, therapeutic preschool and care for children with developmental disabilities.  FamilyForward's highly skilled staff, evidenced-based practices, and strong partnerships with leading educational institutions and researchers will reinforce and strengthen the outcomes for children and families served.  Karen Nolte, who was with CHS for over 30 years and in the Executive Director role for 11, is FamilyFoward's Chief Executive Officer.  Emphasizing the goal of better serving the community and addressing the complexities of non-profit operations, Nolte says, "Together we are stronger, with greater depth of services for our clients, organizational capacity, and resources."

FamilyForward will provide more comprehensive services and support to existing clients and additional children and families in need, in an expanded service area including Jefferson, St. Charles, and St. Louis counties, as well as St. Louis City.  Because CHS and FRC have offered complementary, unduplicated programs, there are no plans to reduce facility operations or staff.  In fact, the capacity to provide life-saving services will grow.  FamilyFoward has six sites (Creve Coeur, South St. Louis City, Hillsboro, Downtown St. Louis, Brentwood, and St. Charles) and employs 182 clinical, professional, and administrative personnel.

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