Clothing for a Cause

Clothing for a Cause

How to Give.


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Don't forget to choose Children's Home Society of Missouri under “Charity Preference”

125 Clothing Drives to help raise resources for CHS! 

Contact Information for Clothing Pick-Up Program, Schedule Pick-Up:

Click on the above link and schedule a pick-up specifically for Children's Home Society or you can call 314.416.1300 and let the telephone operator know that you want to schedule a pickup for Children's Home Society. MPS will notify you when they are in your neighborhood.

Problem with your pick-up? Call 636.282.0000.

If you continue to experience a problem with your pick-up, please call CHS directly at 314.968.2350, x222 or send an e-mail to to let us know. We will help you contact MPS to resolve the problem immediately.

CHS is extremely grateful to our clothing donors who provide the resources that we need to support our children and families. Have you received a call to donate clothing? This is a free service provided to the community through MPS (Merchandise Pickup Service) and supports the children and families at CHS!

Our partner, MPS, manages our clothing pick-up program for us. They service over 65,000 donors in the St. Louis metropolitan area who donate clothing and small household items for resale at their stores nationwide.

We are one of three charities they contract with in St. Louis and they handle all the logistics of the program. They manage the call centers to schedule your pick-up, route drivers to your neighborhood and distribute the donations.

As a Clothing for A Cause donor, you are making a significant difference in the lives of children in need. Clothing donations are an essential gift for every child and family in need. Are you ready to clean out your closets and basement? Contact us today to donate clothing and other unwanted household items!

FAQ for Clothing Donations
How can I donate things I don't need anymore?{ Read }
  • Go on-line at or call 314-416-1300 and request a pickup for Children's Home Society.
  • You will be notified when the truck will be in your neighborhood
  • Mark your bags or boxes with “CHS” and make sure that they are visible from the street
  • Set your donations out in front of your house by 7 a.m. and they will be picked up before dark
What can I donate?{ Read }

MPS accepts clothing, shoes, blankets, toys, dishes, housewares and books. They will NOT pick up furniture, large appliances, or televisions of any size. 

Do my donations go directly to your children?{ Read }

Your donations are “recycled” for sale and a percentage of the proceeds are donated directly to CHS. Our children have very specific medical needs and are not able to benefit from a majority of the items donated. However, all items of clothing are accepted, no matter what size. Even if your clothing has been tarnished, the pickup company can recycle it into rags for use.

Do you have a drop-box where I can leave my donation?{ Read }

Yes! We have a drop box at the following locations:

  • The parking lot of our Brentwood location - 9445 Litzsinger Road St. Louis MO 63144
  • The parking lot at our Creve Coueur location - 1167 Corporate Lake Drive, St. Louis, MO 63132
  • Mount Calvary Lutheran Church - 9321 Litzsinger Rd, St Louis MO 63144
  • RSI Kitchen and Bath – 9700 Manchester Road, Rock Hill, MO 63119
What are some helpful tips to prepare my donations for pick up?{ Read }
  • Clearly mark your items “CHS”
  • Make sure they are easily accessible
  • Please remove any personal items that are near your pick-up — ABSOLUTELY no personal items near your pickup please
Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?{ Read }
  • Yes. MPS will you leave you a receipt when they pick up your donation
  • If you did not receive your tax receipt, please contact us and we will be happy to mail one to you

For additional information or questions, please contact us at or 314.968.2350, x222.