Parenting Programs & Family Services

Family Nurturing Center

Family Nurturing Center of Missouri

Children’s Home Society of Missouri is recognized and licensed as the Family Nurturing Center of Missouri. This licensure provides CHS with the evidence-based Nurturing Skills Parenting Programs.

Nurturing Skills™ is an innovative program designed to empower parents and parent educators in creating customized competency based parenting programs to meet the individual needs of families.

Children’s Home Society of Missouri has received funding from St. Louis County Children’s Services Fund, Keeping Kids First to implement three new programs.

Respite Care Services and Family Support

Services are available to families residing in St. Louis County who have a child aged birth to 19 with developmental disabilities. A Family Support Partner will work with identified families to assess the needs of the child and the family as a whole. Services will include education, advocacy, respite care services, emotional support and short-term mental health counseling. Services will be determined based on the needs of the child and the family. For more information, visit the Developmental Disabilities page.

Crisis Pregnancy Parent Programs

The Nurturing Teens Program supports healthy pregnancies and prepares pregnant and newly parenting teens for parenthood by attending to their immediate needs, stabilizing their living environment and providing evidenced-based child abuse/neglect prevention services. For more information, visit the Crisis Pregnancy page.

The Nurturing Kids Program supports children, birth through five, who are at risk of child abuse/neglect. By providing an evidenced-based curriculum to the family, there is a decrease in the likelihood of abuse/neglect and in the serious mental, behavioral and emotional difficulties that often result from such maltreatment and trauma. For more information, visit the Crisis Pregnancy page.