Post-Adoption Education & Counseling

Education & Training

Assisting Adoptive and Foster Families Through Knowledge, Support and Resources

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CHS is committed to providing the first comprehensive post-adoption services in the St. Louis area for children and families in need.

Families formed through adoption and foster care are the same as any other families.

Parents of children who are adopted feel the same level of love and commitment as any other parents. And adopted kids face the same trials and tribulations of childhood (and adolescence!) as other children.

Families formed through adoption and foster care are different than other families.

Even though the love is the same, the reality is that for most children in foster care or who are adopted, especially those affected by abuse and neglect, there are unique challenges regarding their social, emotional and behavioral development. CHS understands this, which is why we offer specialized parent education programs as well as counseling services for children and their families who have been adopted.