How long has CHS provided residential services?{ Read }

CHS expanded their services for children in need in the early 1980’s to include a residential home for children with developmental disabilities.

Can I make arrangements to tour CHS?{ Read }

Yes, we encourage tours of our homes to learn more about us. We operate two sites, in Brentwood and St. Charles. If you are interested in taking a tour or to learn more about our disabilities services, please contact the Director of Programs at 314.968.2350 or e-mail disabilities@chsmo.org.

What specific needs of children with disabilities can CHS meet?{ Read }

We specialize in providing Residential Care to children from birth to age 21, who require assistance with all aspects of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, eating ,etc. More specifically, we serve children who are non-ambulatory (not walking) or have a limited ability to walk. Children may have some medical/health concerns, such as daily medications, feeding by G-tubes, trach care, suctioning, etc. In addition, CHS is staffed with competent and professional medical personnel skilled in addressing the needs of children with significant medical and developmental disabilities.

How do I know my child’s health needs will be properly addressed?{ Read }

CHS is staffed with an on-call medical advisor (pediatrician), full-time nursing and support staff 24 hours a day. Medications are dispensed by only qualified and trained personnel. Each child has a Support Plan that addresses their various needs and is developed and implemented by a Multidisciplinary Support Plan Team.

Can parents and other family members or friends visit a child living in long or short-term residential care?{ Read }

We have an "open door" policy with regard to visits with the children and taking them off grounds, as long as such visitations or trips meet with the approval of the legal guardian. We do all we can to support and promote continued family contact with the children living in residential care.

Do the children living in residential care receive an education?{ Read }

Yes, but not on the grounds of CHS. All education programs to which a child is legally entitled are provided by the local school district. Our staff assists in every possible manner to ensure each child receives the educational services to which they are entitled. Transportation to and from school is provided by the local school district also.

Do children receive physical, occupational or speech therapies?{ Read }

Yes, most children in our Residential Program receive one or more of these therapies. However, we do not have therapists on staff. The therapists that see the children in our program come from outside agencies and their services are paid through private insurance or Medicaid.

Is CHS an accredited or licensed agency?{ Read }

Yes, CHS is fully licensed and certified by the State of Missouri Children’s Division to provide Residential Services. In addition, we are certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health as a Medicaid waiver provider of Residential/Habilitation Services. We are also nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services (COA).

How is the cost of residential services paid for?{ Read }

Our Residential Services Program is primarily funded by the Missouri Department of Mental Health. In some cases, the State of Missouri Children’s Division provides funding services where they make referrals for a child in their custody. Payment for services on a private pay basis or through insurance is possible and the details for this can be discussed with the CHS Director of Programs.

How are referrals made?{ Read }

Generally referrals come though the Department of Mental Health, Children’s Division, Hospitals, etc. Please contact us below if you would like to make a self-referral.

Residential Services: 

Rachel Neukirch
Director of Programs
314.968.2350 or disabilities@chsmo.org.

Respite Care Services:

Brentwood and St. Charles Sites

Monique Mitalovich
Program Manager
314.968.2350, ext. 228 or  disabilities@chsmo.org.