Frequently Asked Questions


What is the definition of Adoption?{ Read }

Adoption is a legal process. A permanent parent/child relationship is formed by the transfer of parental rights from one set of parents to another individual or couple who willingly assume all rights and responsibilities over the child.

Who can Adopt?{ Read }

Any single person or couple over the age of 21 may be considered for adoption. As a part of the preparation process, those seeking to adopt will work with the staff of CHS to complete the adoption home study. The study, completed as a series of interviews, is required by state law and includes additional documentation, including criminal background checks, child abuse/neglect screenings, financial stability, medical and mental health fitness, references and safety of the home.

Is adoption expensive?{ Read }

Adoption is a legal and social process that requires specific services to be provided such as the home study, services to birth parents, legal services and court services. Depending on the type of adoption plan you are making, medical expenses and birth parent expenses may need to be considered. Fees will vary depending on the unique circumstances of your arrangement. There are many financial opportunities available to assist with the costs of adoption. The adoption staff at CHS is available to help you consider creative ways to finance your adoption.

How can we decide on what type of adoption best fits our needs?{ Read }

The adoption staff at CHS has many years of providing adoption competent services to birth parents, children of adoption and adoptive parents. We are available to help you become knowledgeable about all of your options and to develop the adoption plan that is just right for you.

Adoption seems exciting and frightening at the same time. Can that be true?{ Read }

Adoption requires very honest and sensitive feelings to be explored in order to provide the best for a child. Often, there is loss for both the birth parents and the adoptive parents. There is also great joy in knowing that an amazing child is joining the world who will be surrounded by much love and opportunities. The staff at CHS understands these feelings and are available to help you enjoy the excitement as well as face the challenges.