What Are Your Options for Crisis Pregnancy

Crisis Pregnancy

What are your options?

When a woman finds out she is pregnant, her life will never be the same again, no matter what decision she makes. If you are pregnant and uncertain about the future, it is important for you to know about your options.

Adoption today is quite different. At CHS, you will be provided with information and support so you can create your own unique plan for yourself and your child.

Decisions about an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult and upsetting. You do not need to handle this alone. Our pregnancy counseling services are always free and strictly confidential. Please feel free to send a confidential e-mail to pregnancycounseling@chsmo.org or call us at


When you come to see us you may be feeling several emotions and contemplating many decisions. During our time together we will explore your options and also work through the issues of grief, loss, and challenges that often accompany this experience.

If you find yourself unprepared to parent, adoption is an option. We will assist you in looking at profiles of families wanting to adopt, interviewing prospective parents, choosing a family, signing and understanding the legal paperwork and receiving ongoing support throughout the process.

CHS is excited to offer a newly enhanced dimension in the Social Service Program. Funded by the St. Louis County Service Fund, two new programs are offered to increase parenting skills and decrease the likelihood of children experiencing abuse and neglect in their homes. They are:

The Nurturing Teens Program supports healthy pregnancies and prepares pregnant and newly parenting teens for parenthood by attending to their immediate needs, stabilizing their living environment and providing evidenced-based child abuse/neglect prevention services.

The Nurturing Kids Program supports children, birth through five, who are at risk of child abuse/neglect. By providing an evidenced-based curriculum to the family, there is a decrease in the likelihood of abuse/neglect and in the serious mental, behavioral and emotional difficulties that often result from such maltreatment and trauma.

You do not need to handle this alone. Our pregnancy counseling services are always free of charge and strictly confidential. We are here for you. Please feel free to send a confidential email to pregnancycounseling@chsmo.org or call us at 314.968.2350.

Birth Parent Rights

At CHS, we will work alongside you as you plan for the future for yourself and your child. The Pregnancy Counselors at CHS are specifically trained to:

  • Understand the issues that will impact you
  • View adoption in a culturally competent way
  • Use strength-based approaches to help you as the primary decision maker
  • Provide referrals, as needed


We believe you have specific rights as someone considering adoption for your child.

  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • The right to confidentiality
  • The right to an open and honest relationship with the adopting family
  • The right to participate in all the decisions of the planning process
  • The right to meet and ask questions of the prospective adopting family in order to make the best decision