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Children’s Home Society is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children in need.


Children’s Home Society of Missouri (CHS) has been a leader in providing children with a permanent, safe and loving home since 1891. Founders Herman Bollman and Reverend C.W. Williams were pioneers in the emerging field of child welfare and envisioned a society that would provide homes for neglected and abused children. Their journey began with one small child and a contribution of $6.25.

“There will be years when you, as the background of this work, will wonder what is ahead….If we continue to put the interest of the child ahead of all else, we will succeed.”
—Herman Bollman, Founder

For over 100 years we have formed thousands of families through adoption. CHS had a number of ‘homes’ in the city of St. Louis in our early years and moved to our Brentwood location in 1967. Today, our adoption and pregnancy counseling services continue to build strong families.

In the early 1980’s, under the discerning guidance of the members of our Board of Directors, we began providing short and long term care for children with significant developmental disabilities. We expanded our physical location to include a site in St. Charles County in 1998. We support families raising a disabled child and provide a nurturing home to many children who have experienced abuse or neglect.

Our Education and Counseling Services Program began in 2000 as an extension of helping the overwhelming issues faced by children in foster care and the challenges faced by adopted children who have experienced abuse or neglect. CHS offers Mental Health Services, Parenting Education, Respite Provider Training and Professional Training, Support Groups and Advocacy Services.


CHS provides a full spectrum of services for children in need of a permanent home. Services include:

  • Pregnancy counseling, infant placements, assistance for families pursuing international adoptions and intensive training and support for families able to adopt children presently in foster care
  • Education and mental health counseling services to further support the long term needs of families formed through adoption
  • Short and long term care for children with significant developmental disabilities and medical needs; services include both long-term residential care and short-term stays which provide much needed respite for families and care givers


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